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January 30
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Freedom For The Weak
Child!Prussia X Child!Reader
(2/2) Contest Prize

“I zhink you told me zhese flowers vere once zhe symbol of Prussia.” Gilbert winced, trying to remember if that was true or not.

“Anyway, I have a story to finish now…..” He sighed. “Alright vhere vas I?”

He paused for a second trying to recollect his thoughts. “Ah, yes zhe battle. Well you already know all the details up to zhe fight. And ofr the sake of time, I don’t vant to get sick here mein friend, I will start off near the end of zhe battle.

So anyvay, Saxony and I had just come face to face vith the scary, terrible, emotionless Berwald! Or Sweden. Norway und Denmark where who knows where, so it vas just Sax und me.

Saxony had just taken a hit to her right side and was now bleeding but still fighting. I on zhe other hand had been trapped under a cannon. So of course I vas struggling to free myself to help mein friend.”

Back to the past~

“Verdammit!” Prussia cursed and tried to push the giant cannon off him. “If I only was not so small, tiny and defenseless like Denmark, zhan maybe I could cause some real damage.”

“ANYTIME NOW PRUSSIA!” You called out, beginning to freak out due to the large Swedish man coming at you with a large blade. “I am bleeding!”

Suddenly Sweden grabbed small defenseless Saxony by her tangled mess of (hair color) tied back hair. “HEY LET ME GO! You’ll regret it if you hurt me anymore! I AM SAXONY OF THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE! So hurt me and you’ll have all of us German coming after you!”

Sweden just looked down at you with that stare of death he accidently gave people. You felt fear grip through you right at that moment and your mouth began to trail off.

“O-oh okay, maybe I vas lying. Ve German states are not doing so vell lately zhanks to zhat Prodestant Reformation. We have been argueing more und killimg each other und other things. Its amazing that the HRE is even still existant!

I mean it  will probably only take one extremely strong and powerful empire to free us all. But Mr. Denmark says zhat Freedom is never free so I guess zhat means some us vill die. But please not me, not know!”

“SAXONY! SHUT IT!” Gilbert yelled at you.

“Huh? S-sorry Prus! But this Sweden is scary! How can Finland survive! AHHH! VHY DID I SAY ZHAT??!!! I’M SO DEAD NOW!!!”

Sweden grumbled and rose his blade to your neck. You squeaked and closed your eyes tight.

“(NAME)!” Gilbert yelled and suddenly felt a great deal of strength overcome him and pushed the cannon off of him and ran in your direction.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” He yelled and stabbed Sweden in the leg, making him drop you.

He got up to attack again, but saw his troops retreating and limped after them.

“KESESESE! Vhere are you going? Afraid of mein awesome strength?” Gilbert yelled.

“G-gilbert? Is zhat you?” You voice crept into his head.

“Did you hit your head loose lips? Of course it’s me!” He smiled and looked for you. “Huh? Saxony vhere are you?”

“Down here. You got really big Gilbert….” You whispered, but Gilbert still heard it.

Looking down, Prussia saw it also. He really did get big and strong also.

Looks like he not only gained a lot of land, but he had also managed to become a fairly powerful country while he did so.

Unlike you who still looked like a child due to your weaker nation state.

“W-what does zhis mean?” You asked scared, tears pouring down your face.

You knew what would happen next, Gilbert would through himself into war after war and damaged himself beyond repair.

You would watch helpless due to your weaker state and could only hope for his return.

But the thing that scared you the most was that now, other powerful nations would become friends with Prussia and you would be forgotten about.

And that sad part was, that’s just what happen to the two of you over the next hundred of years.

Back to Present~

“Und zhat’s zhe story.” Gilbert sighed and shook his wet white locks of hair.

“Hope you enjoyed zhe story today. I’m running out know. Pretty soon it vill just be zhe same ones over und over again.” He smiled half-heartidly and placed his head against the tombstone.

All remained silent after Gilbert finished telling the tale of his and Saxony’s invasion of Sweden.

The feeling of the rain on his head ceased after a couple of minutes and he looked up to see a red umbrella above the tombstone and him.

“Hey Gil.” You spoke, your childish (eye color) eyes still full of wonder and hope the day of that battle. But this time instead of a cute round chubby child face’s, your eyes were held in the face of a thin, mature, beautiful woman in her early twenties.

“Hallo (Name). How did you know I vas here?” Gilbert questioned you.

“Ludwig says you always come here vhen it rains. Vho’s grave is that?” You answered back and squatted down next to read the tomb he had so much attachment to.

“Old Fritz. You remember him right?”

You nodded fondly. “Ja. Frederick vas one of the greats. How could anyone forget him?”

“Apparently a lot of people have. Zhey have forgotten about us as vell.”

“Zhey give Ludwig all zhe credit nowadays huh?”

“Stupid Vest, taking all mein awesome credit…”

You hit him on the head lightly and he glanced up at your sudden action.

“Be nice. Your brother is the vhole reason vhy ve are both still existing. Vithout him ve vould be vith Old Fritz.”

Gilbert laughed a humorous laugh. “I suppose your right.”

An awkward silence after that, but neither one of you minded. For you both were reminiscing about past times during the height of each of your greatest moments.

“Come on, let’s go. Your soaked to zhe bone and I’m cold.”

Gilbert rose up and wrapped his arm around you. “You still complain as much as when you were only a few 100 years old.”

“Shut up, I’m still zhe older one here. Und keep talking like zhat und I von’t buy you any beer!”

“Kesesese, Saxony mein awesome girlfriend, you somehow alvays know how to get me to shut up. Zhat’s one of zhe many reasons vhy I love you.”

And with that you both said goodbye to Old Fritz and walked to the nearest bar, while Gilbert tries to steal kisses from you.
Part two of two my lovelies.

Like before their are some histories illusions in here. If you can tell me what they are, I'll give you a hug and a cookie!! 

This prize is also for :iconsymmetry98:

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Hetalia is owned by :iconhimaruyaplz:
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