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The Broken Illusion
A Hetalia X O.C. Fanfic
Ch. 5

Chapter 5 – Training

“Now, all you have to do is destroy zhat barrel.”

Ludwig’s voice bellowed through out the park under the highway toward me.

Alfred sat atop a stone happily eating a hamburger with his headphones in one of his ears. His blue sweatshirt was sloppy and his hood covered his head from the falling rain.

Kiku stood below Alfred with a notepad and pen. He scribbled down something and glanced up at Ludwig and myself. He was taking notes on me. And that made me nervous.

Antonio was off to the side sitting on a patch of grass. He had brought along his Spanish guitar and was strumming some notes as he lightly sang to himself.

Ludwig stood directly across from me. He looked much too serious and stern for a simple weapons exercise. His arms were crossed and his face looked as if he was a military commander.

Next to Ludwig was an old rusty metal barrel. It apparently it was my target.

“Now, Taika has asked me to help you find your bondage veapon.”


“A bondage veapon is a veapon zhat a bond summons from zhe power of zheir magical girl. Zhese veapons are personalized to zhe person und represent zheir inner soul und feelings.” He yelled answering my question.

“Now! Each of us vill demonstrate so you have an idea!” He turned toward Kiku and Alfred. “JONES! Your up first!”

Alfred stuffed the rest of the burger into his face and he jumped down.

“Cause I’m first! I’m the hero!” He said through a stuffed mouth.

Alfred stood in front of me slightly and got ready.

“On your mark-“

A flash of blue went off around Alfred.

“Get set-“

The light disappeared and now Alfred held a shield similar to Captain America’s except it was a blue heart that looked like Nani’s soul gem. His hoody was now a dark blue one with chest plating and shoulder rims. It looked like a cross between a football jersey and Iron Man.


Alfred took off running and jumped into the air. With a single spin he gained enough force to through his shield.

The shield hit the barrel and sent it flying off, a large dent present as it did. Meanwhile Alfred’s magical shield bounced off a wall and headed straight for Kiku.

Kiku seeing it coming for him quickly used a flash of light red and next appeared with a katana dressed as a more modern Japanese Samurai.

Kiku easily hit the shield with the dull side of his blade and now it went flying towards Antonio who was still strumming his guitar, unaware of what was happening.

“TONI!” Alfred yelled loudly and the Spaniard.

He looked up just in time to see it coming at him. A flash of lime green went off just as he jumped up.

A clanking sound echoed through the underground area and the shield than flew up high and pounced off several pillars.

“That was close.” Toni said as he swung his battle-axe around. “I almost got hit in the face!”

He laughed and I glanced at him outfit. It was an odd combination between a matador and a pirate.

He had a red and gold jacket, that was long and flowing showing off the colors of a matador while giving a pirate design.

His undershirt was white with a messy tie. Tied on his loose belt was a red cloth. His pants were brown with some gold accents.

The only thing he was missing was the hat of either.

Suddenly gun fire was going on behind me. I turned to see orange flashes as Ludwig fired at the shield.

“DUDE YOUR GOING TO BREAK MY SHEILD!!!” Alfred screamed and Ludwig hit his shield several times.

Ludwig held a Luger P-08 in his right hand while his left was on his hip.

He was dressed very military or police like. He had a gun holster with a more pistols and a whip on the other side of the guns.

He had a green jacket riddled with multiple explosives. His boots were combat and his shirt and pants were both black.

The shield went toward me, but I ducked just in time as it flow over me and toward a man walking toward us.

“Scheiße!”  Ludwig cussed.

Suddenly a dark green flash went off by me and the net thing I knew the shield was sliding across the ground and I was holding a classic bow and arrow.

“Nice shot Robin Hood!” Alfred said and patted my back. “And sweet outfit dude!”

“Vell, you’re a great shot. And it seems you were able to summon a veapon.”

“Oh! You soul is green like mine!” Antonio chimed in. “Though yours is a much darker shade!”

“Nice shot Kirkland-San” Kiku bowed to me.

I smiled awkwardly, I was used to being made fun of, not complimented on.

Realizing I had transformed I glanced at myself.

A large solid black hood that reached down to my knees covered me. I laughed inwardly; I used to wear something similar when I was younger.

I was wearing white combat boots. Underneath was a black pants and a white dress shirt with a green tie. Across my chest were items that seemed to be somewhat helpful to me in battle.

The bow caught my eye though; it was a green classic bow and at each tip was carved a white star. Much like Taika’s soul gem.

Before I could say anything though the man that was walking toward us was now running at full speed and punch Toni in the face.

“BASTARDOS!!! YOU-A ALMOST HIT ME!” The fiery Italian from class yelled at us.

Ludwig signed. “Glad you could make it Lovino…”

Lovino stared at the stoic German. “Potato bastard, I’m only-a here because Taika asked me-a to help train the-a tea bastard.”


Crystal’s P.O.V~

“I’m glad the boys offered to help Arthur find his weapon today.” I said happily as Taika walked next to me.

“Hmmm…” She mumbled while she read her new comic book we just got from the store.

Taika and myself had decided to come to the mall today to relax a bit. Nani and Jo had offered to watch the city for an witch attacks.

Joette had also said that she would make a wish either today or tomorrow. “I think I know what I want.” She smiled to us as we parted our ways.

“So how did it go with Arthur last night?” I asked Taika, trying to start a conversation with her.


“Come on girl! Tell me how you bonded with him! Every magical does it differently.”

She closed her X-Ray and Vav comic and glanced at me, blue eyes boring into me. “Fine.”

I smiled and pat her shoulder. “We went out to the terrace for some privacy and than I cut him and myself-”
“YOU WHAT!?” I practically screamed. Sure Taika was a little off, but she cut Arthur and herself? That’s crazy.

“It was like a safety pin prick. A single drop. Anyway than we mixed blood-”


She glared at me. “Sorry Tai…”

“Stop worrying, I asked him before and I don’t have any blood disease. Than I gave him the Star mark on his chest, his choice, and we were done. Nothing else happened.”

“Hmmm are you sure?” I asked trying to see if we was fully done with the story.

“Well we did kiss-“


She giggled and I glared at her. “Just kidding.”

We walked past the arcade as a figure with short brown and red hair played Dance Dance Revoultion.

We walked a little further before we sat at a small table to relax and enjoy the drinks we had picked up a short while before.


Both my head and Taika’s shot toward our side and we saw a black eyed girl with the short black and red hair.

She wore a sweatshirt and jeans. A smirk was on her face.

“Huh, well if it isn’t Scarlet Dames.” Taika said and smiled.
Fun times with the boys and a mall trip!

My O.C. Is Taika.
Crystalessences is Crystal
and Scarlet80 is Scarlet.
I have more O.C.s who will be appearing like Nani and Joette.

As always feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

Hetalia is owned by :iconhimaruyaplz:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is owned by  Akiyuki Shinbo (please tell me if thats wrong PMMM fans)

Crystalessences Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sweet, matador and pirate spain! ^^
Loved the descriptions and Al's captain America shield :) Can't wait for more interaction with Scarlet, though her first line was totally perfect.
Another well written chapter, I can't wait for more!
TheComicGal Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I hope Tosh ready this. I know she was waiting for her introduction.

Lol yes, much fan service 
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