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September 23, 2013
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Spain X Reader
Vamos A Nadar!
Hetalians-Of-Earth Contest Entry

Author’s Note- For anyone wanting to see the beach Toni took you to, here is a link to some pics and such -…

Happy reading!


“TONIOOOOOOOO!” You whined while sitting on your boyfriends couch.

He glanced away from his phone and over at you and sighed. “Si chica?”

“I’m borrred!” You flashed him your puppy dog eyes hoping he would give in and do something with you instead of texting his fellow BTT members.

He chuckled and clicked his phone off. “So I’ve heard… and those don’t work on me…. I practically raised Lovi after all!”

You wondered if the grumpy Italian really had tried puppy dog eyes on the Spaniard.

Shrugging you turn your attention back to where Antonio was sitting and saw an empty armchair.

“Um…. Toni?” You asked wondering if he was trying to scare you.

“Si?” He called back from somewhere.

“Where are you?”

“Walking toward my room-“

“Why?” You interrupted.

“So I can change into a swim suit!”

“Wait does that mean!?”

He chuckled again. “Si chica, no more boredom!”

“Great! I’ll run home and change!”

“Okay, I’ll pick up up in like 20 minutes than.”

“Alright!” And with that you ran out to your car and drove home as fast as you could (within the speed limit.)

Time Skip Brought To You By Chibi Lovi (DON’T-A CALL ME-A THAT!)

“Welcome to La Playa de las Catedrales! One of the best beaches in Spain!”

The beach Antonio had chosen was A-MAZE-ING! The clear turquoise water. Looking like a million tiny crystals while the beautiful white sand was soft and warm to the touch of your bare (Skin color) feet.

The beach was surrounded by large and earth formed cliffs and rocks that made the place even more luscious and extraordinary to your shimmering (eye color) eyes.

“It beautiful….” You breathed.

“You know what’s more beautiful?” Antonio asked as he pushed some (hair color) hair out of your face so he could look at you. “You.”

You giggled and he flushed up, not expecting this reaction from you.

“W-what?” He magaged to say.

“That’s so cheesy!”

“Fusososo, yeah…. I guess it is…” He trailed off.

You pulled his sun kissed face toward yours and started into his forest green eyes. His green ones soon met with your (eye color) ones.

“But it was still sweet.” You said and kissed his nose.

He rubbed the back of his neck and took your hand.

“Come on (Name)! Vamos a nadir!”

He lead to toward the water’s edge.

Antonio ran into the water and drove right in while you slowly walked into the water. As you adjusted to the water, you noticed that the water was just as warm if not more, as the sand was. Or at least that was until your dry form was soon soaking wet.

You glared at the laughing Spaniard.

“Fusososo! Look who’s all wet!”

“Oh! I’ll show you wet…. WHEN I DROWN YOU BASTARD!”

“Huh Lovino? Why are you here? I thought I was here with my chica bonita?” Antonio teased you.

You lunged toward him and splashed his face with a wave of water.

Upon seeing his face you started to chuckle.

“Oh! You’re so on! THIS IS WAR NOW!”

“Bring I-“ You said before Toni splashed your face with water making your mouth filled with the salty liquid.

Timeskip Brought To You By Shirtless Spain (Almost as Sexy As His Ass….)

“HA HA HA! I have defeated you!” You yelled happily at Antonio who was coughing up water.

“More like almost killed me….” He muttered to himself as you danced around in the water celebrating your victory.

“Hey Toni.”


“Can we go walk to the top of one of those cliffs.”

“Sure, just as long I I can breathe in air and not sea water….”

“Hey, you said we were at war and I play dirty!”

“Dirty… huh?” He smirked.

“Be a pervert right now and I will choke you…” You said as a dark aura surrounded you.

“L-Lo s-siento!”

You smiled at him and he sighed in relief to be saved from your fury.

After several minutes of walking the two of you arrived at the top of the cliff right as the sun began to set on the ocean.

You grabbed Toni’s hand a squeezed it.

He looked over at your awestruck face and could not help but smile himself.

“(Name)?” Heasked as a blush started to creep across this face.

“Yeah To-“

But before you could finish your sentence the Spaniard had smacked his lips onto yours.

His soft red lips moved in sync with your thin pale pink ones.

His tongue slid across your lips begging for an entrance and you happily let him enter your mouth.

Antonio’s tongue explored every inch of your mouth, loving the taste of it.

You smirked into the kiss seeing as his tongue tasted like the numerous amounts of salt water he had swallowed today.

For a few seconds the only thing that mattered was you and Antonio. The two of you standing on this cliff and melting into a kiss together.

At least that was until you and Tonio heard a “CLICK”.



You both break from the kiss as a trail of saliva escapes from both of your lips.

       You both turn to see Gilbert and Francis hiding behind the bushes watching the two of you make out while taking pictures.

“Smile Toni! Smile (Name)!” Gilbert yells as he snaps a picture of you and your Spanish man.

“Oh! When I’m done with both of you for ruining the moment you won’t be smiling!” You yelled as you took off in a full sprint toward the Prussian and Frenchman.

Antonio laughed as he watched you beat up his friends.

“Sí, mi amor es el mejor ....”
So I got a new computer this weekend and I have finally reset everything up! I was so upset that I could not write the past few days, but now its all better!

Anyway this is an entry for the Hetalians-Of-Earth Contest. I hope it's okay! :) Wish me luck!

And lastly Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
The picture belongs to the person who drew it.
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Have you been to Spain? First off, their waters are quite dirty, second their sands are not warm they are a 'HOLY $#!+ I AM BURNING MY FEET!' hot, and third the Mediterranean sea is quite cold. Just thought I would put that out there, but otherwise it was more awesome than a shirtless Prussia!!!
Spain Icon owo  
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:iconspainyayplease: i feel this could go farther
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the character acted so much like me! i love how you made Spain the way he is (perverted, romantic, and funny) all at once! normally its just that's hes perverted, just funny, or just romantic. This is the first one I've read with all combined! I LOVED IT! i hope and beg that you  make more of Spain. :D
TheComicGal Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aww thanks! I try hard to capture a character.... plus if i mess up Spain, my friend :iconcrystalessences: (a major Spain fangirl) would kill me. And yes. I DO PLAN TO WRITE MORE!

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